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General Information

Title Understanding and Developing Managerial Skills
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by mengel on 3/31/2004 at 4:03 PM
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Module Identifier mengel.2004.1
Abstract This module covers an introduction to management, how the transition to management may be made, how organization is used to facilitate management, and the types of functions managers perform: planning, decision making, controlling, and evaluating.
Size Lecture: 4 hours
Exercise: 4 hours
Homework: 8 hours
Comments This module was created in order to enable students to understand the broader context of management. This helps students understand where project management fits into an organization, what project management is, and the problems of project management. In addition, this module facilitates the introduction of software engineering project management concepts to students by creating a common management vocabulary and taking advantage of management themes common to many disciplines.

SEEK Categories

  1. Management concepts (MGT.con)


  1. Susan Mengel


  1. Upper-level undergraduate or graduate student
  2. Understanding of basic software engineering concepts, such as software process, requirements analysis, design, implementation, quality assurance, and software testing

Learning Objectives

  1. Knowledge - Describe management terms and concepts.
  2. Evaluation - Evaluate management scenarios for problems and approaches.


  1. Introduction to management
  2. How the transition to management may be made
  3. How organization is used to facilitate management
  4. Types of functions managers perform: planning, decision making, controlling, and evaluating


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  3. Organization (HTM) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  4. Planning and Decision Making (HTM) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  5. Controlling and Evaluating (HTM) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]


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