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General Information

Title Software Quality Concepts (QUA1)
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by hislop on 2/18/2004 at 12:00 AM
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Module Identifier hislop.2004.1
Abstract This module introduces the concept of software quality and presents software quality attribute models. It is designed for use with first year students in software engineering or other computing disciplines. The expectation is that this may be a student's first exposure to the concept of software quality. As such, the material is organizes around defining quality independent of considering software, discussing quality of software in particular, and introducing the notion of trade-offs.
Size Lecture: 60 mins
Exercise: 3 hours

SEEK Categories

  1. Software quality concepts and culture (QUA.cc)


  1. Greg Hislop


  1. Knowledge of very basic software engineering concepts and terminology
  2. Experience as a user of some software products
  3. (Desirable) Experience writing a few small programs.
  4. (Desirable) Some exposure to larger programs

Learning Objectives

  1. Knowledge - Define the term "software quality".
  2. Knowledge - Describe the notion of software quality attributes
  3. Knowledge - Identify one software quality attribute model and list the attributes of that model


  1. Defining software quality
  2. Attributes of software quality
  3. Trade-offs and quality


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Other Resources

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