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General Information

Title Team project on requirements elicitation and user interface prototyping
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by mbattig on 7/14/2005 at 12:27 PM
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Module Identifier mbattig.2005.2
Abstract Students are presented with a hypothetical product for which they are asked to provide a user interface. They are assigned two or more interviewees (potential users) who will provide scenarios (stories of use) for the product. Students are expected to construct a requirements elicitation plan and materials to be used to record input from their interviewees. Once they have material from their potential users, they must reconcile different preferences to produce a prototype, which will be documented both in natural language and as a set of Statechart diagrams. This work will require the students to exercise their knowledge of user interface design principles, formal and informal documentation, and requirements elicitation techniques.

We have also provided some optional PowerPoint slides that may be used to augment lecture material during this phase of the course.
Size Lecture: 1 hours
Exercise: Several hours
Comments This module was developed during the SWEnet workshop in Milwaukee the week of July 11, 2005.

SEEK Categories

  1. Human computer interface design (DES.hci)
  2. Eliciting requirements (MAA.er)
  3. Requirements fundamentals (MAA.rfd)
  4. Requirements specification & documentation (MAA.rsd)


  1. Michael Battig
  2. Charles Wallace


  1. We designed this for an upper-level undergraduate SE course. We assume some familiarity with finite-state automata.

Learning Objectives

  1. Application - Students will apply material for requirements elicitation, requirements specification and user interface design (prototyping).
  2. Synthesis - Students will synthesize the same material in creating their specification and prototype.


  1. Requirements elicitation, specification and user interface design


  1. 1 of 2 team assignments - requirements specification and user interface design (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  2. 2nd - adding a requirements elicitation phase and experience in using Statecharts to the above (HTML) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  3. Supporting Lecture Slides 1 - requirements elicitation (Powerpoint) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  4. Supporting Lecture Slides 2 - user interface design (Powerpoint) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  5. Supporting Lecture Slides 3 - statechart formalism (Powerpoint) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  6. PalmOS executable demo for optional use with the UID slides and the PalmOS Simulator (see slide notes) (PRC) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]


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Other Resources

  1. Various links may be found in the notes of the slides


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