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General Information

Title Evaluation of Competing Architectural Designs
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by changliu on 7/13/2005 at 10:50 AM
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Module Identifier changliu.2005.2
Abstract Developing an optimal architecture for a given problem statement is a pretty challenging task for an undergraduate student. They can usually come up with “a” architecture based on materials taught in class but usually do not develop an appreciation for the various “other” architectural styles that could also work in the given context. The different architectural styles usually provide a tradeoff between the various quality attributes that they address for the system.

This module attempts to address this issue by providing two architectural solutions for a given problem statement (Meeting Scheduler System) for different quality attributes.
Size Lecture: 2 hours
Homework: 3 - 5 hours

SEEK Categories

  1. Architectural design (DES.ar)


  1. Chang Liu
  2. Susan Lincke
  3. Steve Chenoweth
  4. Deepti Suri


  1. OO Design, Design Patterns, Basic UML, Quality Attributes (module on Introduction to Software Architecture)

Learning Objectives

  1. Evaluation - Evaluate given architectural design according to the specified quality attributes.
  2. Synthesis - Create an architectural design for a given problem statement
  3. Analysis - Analyze the problem statement to define quality attribute scenarios


  1. Functional requirements
  2. Quality Attributes
  3. Tactics used for achieving Quality Attributes
  4. Software Architectural Styles


  1. Problem Statement (HTM) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  2. Solution 1 (Powerpoint) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  3. Solution 2. (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  4. Tips for Instructors (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  5. Grading Criteria (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]


See Also...

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Other Resources

  1. Software Architecture in Practice (2nd edition) by Bass, Clements, Kazman, Addison-Wesley, 2003,
  2. An introduction to Software Architecture by Garland and Shaw, January 1994, CMU-CS-94-166.

  3. OMG Unified Modeling Language Specification, March 2003, Version 1.5.


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