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Title Black and White Box Testing
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by smitchel on 7/9/2005 at 11:23 AM
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Module Identifier smitchel.2005.1
Abstract Students are introduced to the concepts of black and white box testing via a hands-on exercise. Students work in small teams (two or three) to develop a comprehensive set of unit tests for a given module. Some teams are given only the interface to the module, while others are given the interface and the code. Algorithms and internal module design may vary. Upon completion of the exercise, a team representative presents the team’s tests and the justification for them. The instructor then leads the class in a comparison of the different sets of tests developed and expands on black and white box testing concepts.
Size Lecture: 30
Exercise: 40
Comments The order of lecture and exercise are reversed from what is typical; i.e., the exercise comes first. The idea is to allow the students to experience the difference between black and white box testing without any preconceived notions of what they are "supposed to do." Also, note that this module is incomplete.

SEEK Categories

  1. Testing (VAV.tst)


  1. Susan Mitchell


  1. Two semesters of programming for computer science majors (e.g., Computer Science I and Computer Science II).

Learning Objectives

  1. Comprehension - To understand the difference between the concepts of white box and black box testing and the uses for each
  2. Knowledge - To reinforce and formalize the concepts of equivalence partitions and boundary values
  3. Knowledge - To introduce the concept of path testing


  1. Black box vs. white box testing concepts
  2. Equivalence partitions and boundary values
  3. Path testing


  1. Student exercise (TBD) (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  2. Lecture notes (TBD) (Powerpoint) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  3. Teaching tips (TBD) (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]

  4. Sample code modules (TBD) (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]


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Other Resources

  1. Somerville, Ian, Software Engineering, 7th edition, Addison Wesley, 2004.


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