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Title Developing technical leadership in software engineers
Version Info Version 1 , submitted by chenoweth on 7/8/2005 at 12:00 AM
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Module Identifier chenoweth.2005.1
Abstract This is a method for stimulating growth in technical leadership in classes such as software architecture and design. Shown here is the critical term-project intro material for making that happen.
Size Lecture: 15 min
Lab: 35 min
Homework: 6 weeks
Comments The lesson is based on a philosophy that software architecture is an act of social leadership, as architecture is in the building trades.

SEEK Categories

  1. Design strategies (DES.str)
  2. Requirements validation (MAA.rv)
  3. Process implementation (PRO.imp)


  1. Steve Chenoweth


  1. 1. Experience at cooperative team interaction and division of responsibilities on a software project.
  2. 2. Prior experience or training in role playing.

Learning Objectives

  1. Synthesis - 1. In a stakeholder role, contribute to the successful conception and design of a system.
  2. Evaluation - 2. Understand the differences in this experience, depending on the role being played.
  3. Analysis - 3. Practice decision making as a client, architect, and implementer.


  1. 1. Play a leadership role during project formation and software product concept creation.
  2. 2. Play a leadership role during requirements gathering and overall architecture of a system.
  3. 3. Play a leadership role during high-level design and early system implementation.


  1. Project kick-off role assignment description. (Word) 0.00/5 [Rate Material]


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Other Resources

  1. Similar methods presented at CSEE&T 2005 by Dr. Amir Zeid, The American University in Cairo, Egypt. (Link)


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