Software Maintenance Exercise #4: Defect Correction



The object of this assignment is to learn how to process requests for maintenance.


I have paired you off on this homework as follows:


<Table of student pairs should go here. This should be a different set of pairings than for both Exercises #2 and #3>


A Defect and Maintenance Report has been submitted to me for each of the projects tested in Exercise #3. I will be forwarding this report possibly modified by me - to you within the next 24 hours.


You are to then do the following:


1.        Estimate the time the maintenance will take.

2.        Determine the process you will use for the maintenance.

3.        Perform the maintenance (including the modification of supporting documents, if appropriate).

4.        Fill out the rest of the Defect and Maintenance Report form.

5.        Create a Word file with

           The items from steps 1 and 2

           The actual amount of time the maintenance took

           What difficulties you encountered in performing the maintenance

6.        Submit a zip file with the following items:

           The modified Defect and Maintenance Report form

           The Word file (item 5)

           The modified code and (if any) supporting documents