Software Maintenance Exercise #3: Defect Submission



The object of this assignment is to learn how to submit requests for maintenance.


I have paired you off on this homework as follows:


<Table of student pairs should go here.  This should be a different set of pairings than for Exercise #2>


You need to locate an electronic copy of a software project of yours that contains over 1000 lines of code and which you can let other people look at that code.  You should then exchange electronic copies of your projects with your “partner” as soon as possible, and also email me a copy of each project as well.


You are to then test the project you have been given from a user’s point of view i.e. you are to do something akin to Beta testing.  If you as a tester need help in understanding how to run and use the program, ask your “partner”.  You are then to fill out a Defect and Maintenance Report, whose template is here.


Note that only part of that report is to be filled out by the user (tester), as is stated in the template instructions.  You should then submit your Defect and Maintenance Report.


The report generated for each project will be used for actual maintenance of each piece of software (by a third student, to be announced) in Exercise #4.