Software Maintenance Exercise #2: Enhancements



The object of this assignment is to learn how to add a requested feature to software which you are maintaining.


You are paired for this exercise as follows:


       <Table of student pairs should go here>


You are to exchange your Exercise #1 programs (insertion into a binary tree) with each other.  You are then to implement the following features (after fixing any errors that you find first):


1.        Have the program prompt the user for the name of the text file; the user should type in the entire filename e.g. “”.

2.        Have the program output the tree values in left-node-right (LNR) order (also called inorder), which means the values should be output in ascending order.

3.        Have the program output the number of leaves in the tree.


You are to then do the following:


1.        Estimate the time implementing the enhancements will take.

2.        Determine the process you will use for the enhancements.

3.        Implement the enhancements (including the modification of supporting documents, if appropriate).

4.        Create a Word file with

·           The items from steps 1 and 2

·           The actual amount of time implementing the enhancement took

·           What difficulties you encountered in implementing the enhancement, including overall opinion of the code and (if any) supporting documents.

5.        Submit a zip file with the following contents:

·           The Word file (item 4)

·           The modified code and (if any) supporting documents