Writing Assignment:
Report on S2S Project Quality

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Date assigned: XX

Date due: YY (2-3 weeks later)

Table of contents:

Additional materials relevant to this assignment (and also listed in the narrative below):

Content of the Report

In this assignment, you are in the role of a consultant hired by S2S Industries to provide recommendations about two different projects completed by past CS373 teams. Your job is to advise S2S Industries about what remains to be done in order to ensure that these projects are ready for release. Your report will help determine future work to be done on these S2S projects, so you must strive to make the results constructive and accurate.

Your report should include exactly the sections given below. Replace all occurrences of codename1 and codename2 with your assigned project codes.

1.0 Products reviewed

List the codenames, team name, semester, and team number for the products that you reviewed. Using a list or table format is a good approach to presenting the relevant information on each project.

If you consulted with any classmates, acknowledge these collaborations here. Give the name(s) of your collaborator(s) and the nature of the collaboration in each case. See below for further discussion of the rules for collaboration. Do not leave this blank -- you must address this issue, whether you collaborate with someone or not.

2.0 Review of project codename1

2.1 About this project

2.2 Approach for this investigation

This section should only describe your approach. Your findings do not belong in this section.

2.3 Findings

2.4 Recommendations

2.5 Summary of faults and problems

This section will include detailed information about the faults and problems you find in this project. Organize this information in a way that makes it easy to read, for example as a table. The faults table can be considered as separate from the page limit suggested below, since some investigators may discover a large number of problems. If you encounter broken links or problems with specific images or pages, give the URL and precise instructions that will allow the maintenance engineer to quickly recreate the problem and begin to solve it.

3.0 Review of project codename2

3.1 About this project (as above)
3.2 Approach for this investigation
(as above)
3.3 Findings
(as above)
3.4 Recommendations
(as above)
3.5 Summary of faults and problems
(as above)

4.0 Lessons and advice

Guidelines for this assignment

Dr. Almstrum will assign each student two projects, which she will list at the URL <URL>.

Keep the following points in mind as you do this report:

Layout and Writing style

Some tips regarding layout:

Length of answers

How long --or short-- should the discussion in each section be? In general, each part should be "long enough" to properly address the issues: too short and you won't cover all of the points satisfactorily; too long and you may be rambling, rather than getting to the issue at hand.

The portion of the report on each product should be about two to four printed pages in length, for a total of four to eight pages (the template is about two pages in length). You may exceed the maximum length if necessary to accommodate your use of tables or other supplemental information that supports the written part of the report. The length will also depend greatly on the browser and printer you use to print out your final report.

Submitting the assignment

Electronic submission of your report

Hard copy submission of your report

Grading criteria

Content (50%)

Formatting and following instructions (20%)

Writing mechanics (30%):


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